Sunday, 5 October 2014


I've had a few messages on twitter asking me where I get my inspiration for DIY's on both my blog and my YouTube channel. Lately, I've found myself a new obsession which  is exactly where I get my ideas! Every time I go out shopping, if I see anything that remotely assembles anything that could possibly be linked to a DIY, I simply must buy it. This weekend I ended up with bags and bags of items that I didn't really need but knew I must own. I thought I would share them with you and give you an idea of what i'm planning to create. 

Cookie cutters - They're pretty self explanatory. I'm going to bake holiday cookies for December :) 

Branch Pencils. I have absolutely no idea but I just couldn't leave these on the shelf. I'm sure i'll think of something to make :) 

I'm going to use the jute roll to make a fall wreath :)

Candles - I'm going to make a spooky halloween bleeding candle! Then with the battery operated tea lights I'm thinking of a craft that's child friendly :) 

Gingerbread house tutorial. I can't wait until December!

I thought these cute little dishes would be great for a baking tutorial. 

A book of my life. I couldn't leave it on the shelf, I just had to own it :) 

Base camp - I'm going to mix this up with those branch pencils I think :) 

If you have any ideas for what else I could make with these items, be sure to comment below. I hope this has been somewhat helpful to some of you :) 

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