Friday, 31 October 2014

Happy Halloween

Happy halloween everybody. I hope you are all dressed up and out partying for halloween! Unfortunayely, my night has been pretty uneventful. I was all set for giving out candy and treats to trick or treaters and absolutely nobody came. 

My husband seems pretty happy about it, since he's now made it his mission to eat all of the candy, lol! 

I'm also happy tonight because it's the last day of October, meaning I made a month of blogging daily. This was a little test to see if I could stick with my commitment ready for vlogmas. Yes, I'm going to do vlogmas! Blogging has been difficult at times. Not because blogging is a hard thing to do, it's really not. However staying inspired to write fun posts every single day hasn't been easy. I'm excited to continue to blog, but now at my own pace. I will still be posting regularly though, don't worry.

What do you all have planned this evening?


  1. My dressing up for Halloween took place yesterday, tonight saw a cosy Halloween-themed dinner party which was so much fun! I feel your pain with regard to no trick-or-treaters turning up, I had loads of sweets ready and nobody to receive them .. it looks as though tomorrow is going to be a sugar-injected day haha ;) Congrats on blogging daily for a month by the way, that's pretty impressive!


  2. Awe it sucks when you buy a lot of candy and are actually hoping for trick or treaters but no one comes :( at least you have a lot of candy for yourselves now!! :D

    Congrats on blogging everyday! That's super impressive! I would love to do Vlogmas but don't know much about it... Do you have a link that has more info about it?


  3. ooo what does the halloween yankee candle smell like? x

  4. Hope you had a fab Halloween and good luck with vlogmas! :)
    I have nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award, read my post to find out more :)
    Amy xx

  5. i love yankee candles, bet that smells amaze! xoxo

  6. Oh I want this candle
    x, Wendy.
    College Cheese | A College Lifestyle Blog by: Wendy Watson

  7. i looked for this candle everywhere but i couldn't find it :( xx

  8. Happy new year Nilla! I saw this post on my feed and clicked on it because I remembered how much I love the smell of this candle! Will definitely have to purchase this this year!
    Jessica xo

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