Monday, 27 October 2014


Almost a month ago I made a commitment. I decided to write a new blog post every day for the month of October. All I can say is, I never realised how hard this would actually be.

There have been times where blogging has been tough. It's not so much a case that writing a blog post has been difficult. In reality, it's very simple. The struggle has been staying motivated and original. There are only so many items you can "review" or so many hauls you can do, before you begin to lose motivation. I did push through the struggles and my blog has now been updated daily for 27 continuous days, and I will complete the full month. I am however, so excited for November to arrive.

Don't get me wrong, I will continue blogging. It's just going to be nice to write quality posts about subjects I love, when I feel inspired, rather than struggling to find ideas to write just to make sure I didn't fail. 

I truly admire those bloggers who continue to post daily, with good quality content. You're an inspiration. Give yourselves a pat on the back from me. I am now totally dreading Vlogmas! 


  1. I understand what you mean here. I find it to be a struggle to find something to post even once a week without thinking to myself, "But people have seen/heard of this a million times already, why am I even bothering?" But then I think, maybe I'll reach even one person who hasn't, and it could help them. That keeps me going. Good luck to you.