Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Yankee Candle 2014 3D advent calendar house

If you know anything about me by now, you will know i'm completely obsessed with Yankee Candles and i'm like a kid at Christmas! Before anybody says anything, I'm totally aware that there's still over 3 months to go until Christmas, but when I saw this Yankee advent calendar house, I couldn't contain myself. I just had to buy it!

How adorable is this! I absolutely love the way it's been decorated. From the little green and red garlands over the windows and fences, to the beautifully decorated Christmas tree, the coordinating Christmas wreaths and of course, a ton of snow. If I could, I would live inside this house. You just know it's going to smell delicious in there!

I remember last year seeing the Yankee candle advent calendar wreath and thinking that £20 was a lot to pay for an advent calendar. As December the 1st arrived, I was gutted I didn't have one but they were all sold out. So this year I decided to be early and grabbed this as soon as I saw it available. I managed to get mine for £22.99 but I've noticed the prices have increased a lot these last few days.

 As you can see, it is actually a 3D advent calendar and it has little doors to open on both the front and back. It says on the advent calendar exactly what's inside but I did open mine up to take a picture for you, so if you want to keep yours a surprise, you may want to stop reading here! To have an element of surprise myself, I'm opening this in September, mainly due to the fact that I will have completely forgotten what's inside by the time December arrives :)

So the advent calendar states that it contains 23 tea light candles and 1 votive candle. It also mentions which scents are hidden inside. As much as I'm about to ruin it for myself and anybody reading this far, part of me wishes the box didn't actually list the scents because I think it would be a great surprise lighting a tea light every day and having to work out which scent it was.

So inside this beautiful advent calendar house, you will receive the following yankee scents:
Candy Cane Lane
Christmas Memories
Christmas Garland
Spiced Orange
Christmas Cookie
Snowflake Cookie
Sugared Apple
Christmas Eve (This is your votive)

I'm already excited for December to arrive. I can't wait to fill my house with these delicious festive smells.

Spoiler alert - Yankee Candle Advent unboxing

 And here are the items inside the advent. I decided to undo the roof of the house and slip the inside out so that I still get to open up all of the windows leading up to Christmas and have a surprise. For any of you that couldn't wait, or want to see the items inside before deciding whether to purchase a Yankee advent, I hope this helped you make up your mind.

Now I really must get hold of the 2014 Yankee Candle Christmas wreath before they're sold out.

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