Thursday, 13 March 2014

What's in my shower?

I've watched a bunch of videos on Youtube where people have posted what's in their shower/ shower routine, so I decided to turn that into a blog post. I don't really have many products in my shower, which I know, is a shock to most people. I went through a phase where I would have tons of bottles of product in my shower and just never got through them. I'd get to a point where I'd end up throwing a bunch out, so that's when I decided I'm only allowed one of each item I need in my shower. I do get fed up at times, but at that point I will switch it out with something new, and switch it back again when I feel like it.

I currently have 5 products in my shower, a shampoo, conditioner, scrub, face wash and body wash. Since i'm such a big fan of soap and glory, you'll soon see that they also seem to take over my shower space.

I'm absolutely crazy about the Aussie hair products. I have been  using them for a while and I love the way they make my hair feel. I no longer have to struggle to comb my hair before blow drying it, the conditioner is absolutely amazing. That's before we even talk about the smell. I couldn't even tell you how many people have commented on the way my hair smells since I've been using aussie products. Should I be a little worried people go around sniffing my hair though? lol!

What can I say about the other products. If you know anything about me you will know i'm besotted with Soap and glory. I actually only put the scrub of your life into the shower this week since I'm going on vacation soon and want to exfoliate away any dead skin cells before getting my glowing tan. I'm convinced myself that I will look like a golden goddess on holiday, lets see right?! Peaches and clean has been a staple to my shower routine since November last year. It's a great product and so soft on your skin. When I first smelt the sugar crush body wash, I wasn't too keen on it. Its a little over powering when you smell it from the bottle, but once you've used it and jumped out of the shower, it smells good enough to eat. Of course I don't go around biting myself, but I don't imagine it tastes too good! :) 

Bizzare few weeks

Sorry I've been awol lately, I guess I have a pretty unbelieveable story to share with you. If somebody was telling me this had happened to them and their family, I'm pretty sure I'd be reluctant to believe it but it's all finally sank in, so it's time to share.

I was woken up on Monday 24th of February to my phone going completely crazy on me. I had whatsapp messages, texts, missed calls, so woke up thinking wow I'm loved today! First thing I opened up was a whatsapp from my brother asking me what I think. I'm like huh? What do I think about what? Then I go ahead and check my text messages. It's another brother congratulating me. I start to wonder what on earth i've missed. What happened in the night? What on earth had I got upto? Then I read another message, it said congratulations on becoming an aunty again, followed by a message from my mum explaining that my brother is a father again. I really was confused. Nobody knew this baby was due to arrive, even the mum! It's the kind of thing you read in magazines and you're like "ok somebody just totally made that up to shock the public", but here we are, living in a real life bizzare situation, and I have a new baby niece.

It was all pretty crazy, and the baby's mum was woken up at 2am in pain with stomach cramps. Since she had been getting her period throughout the pregnancy, she thought it was maybe her period coming early. So, she goes and takes some pain killers and tries to go back to sleep. Fast forward an hour and she's giving birth to my new niece on the living room floor. All pretty crazy! Since she wasn't expecting the baby, she wasn't prepared at all. No nappies/ diapers, no bottles, clothes, blankets, absolutely nothing. She ended up going in to the hospital to get baby checked over, since she had no prenatal care, hadn't had any scans, seen a doctor or anything, they kept the newborn in for a few hours to make sure everything was ok. Luckily, baby is here safe and totally healthy, but I guess you can imagine how much of a shock it was to us all.

I had only been with my family, including the baby's mum 2 weeks earlier and if she had turned around to me and said "I'm pregnant", and I had to guess, I'd have said maybe she was 3/4 months. There were no signs, so I have no idea where this  beautiful baby had been hiding! So the next plan on my agenda was to make a trip to spend some time with my new niece, getting to know her. She is so cute, tiny and adorable. I took my camera and some newborn props, and got a few shots of her. How could anybody not fall in love with this little sweetie?

This is probably one of my favourite newborn pics i've ever taken, yet it's so simple...

It's been a little crazy but we are all totally happy that she's here and now i'm back to my regular bloging schedule!