Monday, 17 February 2014

My Soap and Glory gifts & buys this weekend

This weekend I went for a trip back to Wales to spend the weekend with my family. I hadn't seen them since New Years and because they knew I was coming down, they made a little late birthday celebration for me. Most of my gifts had been posted up to me for my birthday but I had a surprise to see that there were even more gifts waiting for me at home. These included a bunch of soap and glory products! Some of which, I already had but it's always great to add even more to my collection.

I got three gift sets from the soap and glory range. Here they are!

The first gift box is the birthday box. I absolutely LOVE the packaging. It comes with a ribbon tied around, and you lift up the top (doesn't come off like a lid) but you just push it back down to cover it up again. Ok I really am useless at describing this! It reminds me of a Christmas cracker I guess :)  Inside the box I have the clean on me shower gel, the righteous butter body butter and a new pink shower puff. This is actually really great because I just threw out my old one as i'd had it so long!

The second box is the Christmas Yule Monty gift set. I already received one of these for Christmas, but I was still excited to get another. In this gift box you get the sugar crush body wash, the scrub of your life body scrub, peaches and clean face wash, hand food, heel genius, the righteous butter body butter, thick and fast mascara and extreme-plump lip gloss, and butter yourself body lotion.

The third gift box I received is the soap and glory bubble barrel. Inside it has a bunch of the travel sized bottles, which i'll be keeping for any trips I make. I love taking my soap and glory products everywhere, but since some have really big bottles, these are perfect. I also got the towelling headband that I haven't received before, so i'm excited! It also has a clean on me shower gel, hand food cream, scrub of your life body scrub, glad hair day shampoo, heel genius foot cream and righteous body butter.

After receiving these awesome gifts, I visited my local boots and decided it was time to try out the makeup range. I've already tried the plumping lipglosses and the mascara, so I bought the kick ass concealer, archery brow tint and precision shaping pencil and the kick ass pressed powder.

I used all 3 on a night out, but since I was in a rush I didn't get the chance to take pictures etc. I loved the concealer, need to get a little more practice with the brow pencil and I loved the pressed powder but was a little disappointed it didn't come with an applicator. I'm so used to my pressed powders coming with a brush, sponge or pad and this didn't have anything. A little annoying since I planned on throwing it into my bag for use on the go. It does however have an awesome mirror! I will update more on each product as I get to use them more.

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