Friday, 7 February 2014

Eylure Eyelash Haul

This post may not be to the taste of everyone, but I had such an amazing bargain this week, I just had to share. I have created a video about this haul, but haven't got around to editing it yet. Since shops change their stock and deals so regularly, I didn't want to wait any longer before letting you know about this bargain!

My haul was so unintentional. I actually went shopping to try and find a cheap mixing bowl. I popped to the local bargain store (B&M bargains) and I found these! I actually had no idea they even sold makeup or beauty products, so I was pleasantly surprised. Especially when I saw the price tag, only £1 each! I actually got that excited that I came home without a mixing bowl. I didn't get that far into the shop, I found the makeup and went a little crazy.

I have used eylure products so many times before, but never really used the pre-glue lashes. I wasn't sure how I would get on with them, but surprisingly enough, I find them easier to apply than the standard ones that come with glue. They do come with an additional glue strip which i'm guessing you can just add to them for future uses, but when I pulled them off, I stored them away and they were still fine and sticky enough a few days later. There wasn't much choice either, they only stocked number 190 and 191. Both are quite long, one a lot thicker than the other. I think they're more for a night out than an every day look. I rarely wear false lashes though, so this works out perfect for me. 

If you use fake eyelashes and don't mind the pre-glued ones, you HAVE to stock up on these. I went a little crazy and bought all of the stock they had in my local store (I believe I picked up 15 or possibly 16 sets). I will be venturing out tomorrow to try and raid as many shops as I can to stock up. They are an absolute bargain. If you head out to buy these products, please let me know. I would love to hear what you think to the Eylure lashes too.

Whilst I was there, I stocked up on a few other makeup products. None of which I've used before, so I will post about them individually when I get round to using them. I got two Revlon nail polishes, a set of OPI pure lacquer nail apps, and a few little eye shadow palettes, also from Revlon. All of which were £1 each, apart from the OPI set. I don't usually use these stick on nail polishes, and I've never actually tried them, so once I've tested them i'll give you an update there too! 


  1. I have never tried fake eyelashes! I don't know why, but I'm quite weary about it. Always afraid I'm going to get glue in my eye. :)


    1. If you haven't used them before I would definitely suggest the pre glued eyelashes if you want to try. A lot less mess. I used to struggle putting them on but practise makes perfect. I'm actually nowhere near perfect but I'm confident using them now :)