Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Boots sampler gift set & voucher

My brother bought me this as a birthday gift, and it's just a perfect present! They do a version for both men and women, which means I have gift ideas for just about everybody sorted, haha. So you get this gift box, and when you open it up, you get 9 small perfume samples. You get to pick which one you prefer, and then take the gift voucher to your local Boots store to pick up your choice of perfume!

This is such a great idea. Instead of guessing what scent certain people would like, you can let them pick for themselves so you avoid that awkward situation where somebody hates their gift, or already has the perfume. I loved this! Do you ever find yourself in a store spraying so many different perfumes on yourself that you really have no idea which one you like? This gift box gave me the time to text out each perfume, decide which one I liked and then I went to pick up my 30ml bottle of my favourite. Mine was a toss up between Viva La Juicy, 212 and Boss Nuit. Since I already have Juicy and 212, I opted for the Hugo Boss perfume.

I really loved this gift, and I now have some samples which will be perfect for my purse, or for vacations and just general travelling. You will notice I'm missing one scent from the samplers, this is the Viva La Juicy which my Mum also loved, and since I already have the big bottle of that, I let her have the sampler :)

I'm keen to see which samplers you get inside the men's version so I will be purchasing one to find out when I next visit my local boots store. If you're on the search of the perfect gift for somebody special, this would be a great solution for you! 

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