Friday, 17 January 2014

Nilla Forever, My Story

You may be wondering where "Nilla Forever" came from, and I have been asked many times over both youtube and twitter. Almost 10 years ago, I met the man of my dreams. A few years later we found ourselves in church infront of our closest friends and family, becoming man and wife. When I started thinking of names for a business I was building (an online store selling baby products), he said, "what about Nilla?" I looked at him like huh? And he explained Nilla stood for NIck Loves LAura. Nilla was born! I then decided that since I plan on being with him forever, Nilla Forever was the perfect name for a blog about my, or rather our lives.

So about me, I'm Laura (as you now know) and i'm 28 years old. I live in England with my husband and our two snakes. Yeah, snakes! I wasn't too impressed when I first met him and he wanted to introduce me to his snake (hehe) but yeah, we have weird pets, but they're fun! I grew up in a small village in Wales with my family. Mum, Dad and three younger brothers. I had an amazing childhood and weirdly enough, i'm closer with my family now since I live so far away. It's annoying at times as I miss special memories and I'm missing seeing everybody change and grow up, but it makes the time I spend with them even more special.

I decided a few years ago to make a blog, I actually registered my website name so long ago but never really did anything with it. I then found myself last night thinking "Wouldn't it be awesome to be able to see what I got up to a year ago, maybe 2, 3?" Well by making this blog I can document all of the things I get up to, and i'll have somewhere to look back and reflect on all of the amazing things that happen to me.

I'm actually not too sure what i'm going to blog about to be honest with you, so I can't tell you exactly what you'll find here. I'm a shopaholic so i'm pretty sure i'll be updating a bunch of hauls that I do. Since i'm a photographer and website designer, I decided i'd also do some posts showing you how to do some "techy" things. I LOVE crafting, and learning how to do and make new things so I guess I can make some how-to posts too. I don't know, lets just see where this leads. I don't want to promise a bunch of things and end up letting you down. That's not me!

Well that's probably enough info about me to get us started, feel free to ask anything you like and i'll make sure to reply to you :)

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