Friday, 31 January 2014

My soap and glory obsession

If I show you my soap and glory collection, you must PROMISE not to judge me! Ok, so I  have a "little" obsession with their products. By little, I mean freaking huge, haha. I got into soap and glory a couple of years ago when I found out about their Mother Pucker lip gloss. I just bought one to begin and OMG I was totally hooked. Whenever it's my birthday, or Christmas, my family just know to buy me soap and glory products and I'm totally in my element. I guess this post is a little random since I actually have no reason to be typing this, but I was just clearing out my room and I realized just now many soap and glory products I have so I was like eeekkkk I have a problem! Since a problem shared is a problem halved, here I am. I feel better now, haha!
soap and glory sugar crush
my soap and glory collection
heel genius & hand food collection
the scrub of your life
soap and glory bath wash
hocus focus
peaches and clean
the righteous butter
mist you madly
think and fast
sexy motherpucker & extreme plump
I'd love to know what your favourite soap and glory products are. Please comment below to let me know. If I haven't already tried it out, i'll be sure to pick it up in my next shopping trip and let you know what I think :)

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